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RIDERS – Skate, BMX, snowboard


RIDERS is the most effective training program for any action sport, adapted to your skill level. Get your personalized training plan for both the expertise you want and the motivation you need to get continuous and fast progression.• Get personalized training plan for your level• More than 2500 tutorial videos, covering 15 action sports• Track your progress and get clear instructions for what to try next • Level up by learning new tricks and helping others • Share and compete with your fellow riders• Ask questions, learn from professional atheletes• Share your trick tips with the community
Join a community of 750 000 riders from all corners of the world, who will support you through each of your tricks thanks to the social feed.
There are already 15 action sports: skateboard, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, trampoline, aggressive inline, scooter, longboard, wakeboard, parkour, kiteboard, mountain bike, FMX and windsurf, right in your pocket.
We have one goal: to give you the only tool you need to stay motivated and get constant and fast progression. This is your chance to unleash your full potential. Download the app and start training for free.